Snack sticks



Throughout the year is high activity in every family: parents, kids and grandparents have a lot to do - the kids have to do homework and want to meet their friends. Everyone works hard on his way around, in between you go to spor or music lessons, pick someone up or drop them off..... and until you get home in the evening you know what you have done!

Almost out of no where can a hearty dinner or a snack from our snack sticks be conjured. Because we at the Millipp have done most of the things for you in our own production! We prepared the hot cooked and smoked pork meatloaf with a paprika spice mixture and tasted it whole heartedly.

„I like the snack sticks, because its already done you can just bite in and eat it“, laughs our son Severin. „And my friends who come over also love it!

But in the evening, when we are all sitting together and eating, Mama puts the delicious potato salad from Grandma on the table. Then I don't even know what I like more - the potatoes or the meat! ”

Cheese Dumplings



In our assortment of sausage and meat specialities there has also to be a vegetarian offer too. Our cheese dumplings have character! And you can taste it by the first bite. PRessed potatoes is the basis of this meatless delicacy.  Egg, strong spices and a mixture of expressive cheeses result in the delicious that we have already fried.

They already taste well cold ,but fried in the pan with butter they unfold their heavenly diversity. The cheese melts lightly the dumplings ge soft from the heat and melt in your mouth.

Depending on your mood, there are no limits to the cheese dumplings in the preparation: served with a leaf salad they are definitely an appetizer, but can also easily replace a main course. If you want, you can add them in a soup in a chicken, vegetable or beef soup. And they are also incredibly good with an apple sauce, with a currant jelly or as roasted potatoes with beef, onion, garlic and fried egg with cabbage hot fried in the pan are they uneblievably good!

"I never thought that i would ever eat it with joy something that`s vegetarian. In the end i was born in a butchers family. I love our sausage and meat specialities since i can think for me thats literally the meaning of my life", laughs Stephi Walthierer-Celler. " But by the cheese dumplings i dont think twice. I just love them! Thanks god you dont have to be a vegetarian to enjoy our cheese dumplings!

"Smoked sausage" Pfefferbeisser



Small and big real boys swear at our Pffeferbeisser.

Smoked, Hearty and spicy came from our own production. The smoked sausage can be eaten as a snack with rye bread or some slices of farmers bread. A little bit of vitamins and a full bodied beer puts its tasty advantages in the right light 

But even solo is the Pffeferbeisser a sensation!

Our eldest son Vincent is a passionate soccer player. He thinks: "I like the Pfefferbeisser best from the hand. Because i am really hungry when i come home from training. I cant long until something delicious is made. One or two Pfefferbeisser without a lot of settings... I think that`s really cool!

Mini Liver Meatloaf



Leberkäse is actually always possible! As a topping for a hearty snack or as a quick warm meal that makes you feel full, it is an integral part of Bavarian cuisine.

In addition to the classic liver meatloaf in pate form, we also offer round mini liver meatloaf. They are just right for a single serving - if you are hungry, you count two "minis" per person. The brown crust that forms when the meat is baked completely envelops the small liver meatloaf and gives it an additional spicy aroma.

„The red warm liver meatloaf is very popular by us at the Millipp, ”laughs senior manager Mrs. Walthierer. “Everyone loves it - our locals who grew up with it. But also the guests who come to us from all over the world in the Altmühltal. They are enthusiastic about this good piece of Bavarian butcher art.

My tip for a particularly tasty preparation: Together with our homemade hearty potato salad, our warm red mini liver meatloaf tastes particularly good. What goes into the potato salad is my secret. But I would like to reveal this much: Together with my potato salad, bread, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and a good mustard, you are in the Bavarian gourmet heaven with the mini liver meatloaf! A cool Augustiner or another traditional Bavarian beer shouldn't be missing! "

White sausage


There is nothing better than something good

Whats in the focus in a great bavarian meal?  Of course a good sausage or Meat! Anyone who wants to enjoy a strong piece of Bavarian butcher tradition for breakfast, 2nd breakfast or lunch cannot avoid the white sausage. It doesn't take much to be happy with the brewed sausage, which consists of veal and pork and which gets its distinctive taste with the refined, fine spice mixture of parsley, lemon, pepper, table salt, mace and onions. An oven-fresh pretzel and a sweet mustard ... that's it! We at the Millipp swear by the homemade mustard from Händelmeier.

„When you travel around in bavarian taverns and locals, as a sausage lover you notice fast how fresh the offered speciality really is“, says  butcher Ulli Celler. „The way from butchery to local are often not short; or you have to store the sausages for a while in the restaurant. At us thats totally different: you can no where enjoy the white sausages fresher than at Millipp! Because our butcher is only few meters away from the restaurant kitchen. , I prepare them fresh from the kettle every day! Together with my father-in-law Franz Walthierer ”

Dark smoked sausages



Its hard to believe: Our family Walthierer is resident in Beilngries since 1401. Franz and Christa Walthierer are the  14th. generation of a Familiy, that associates enjoyment and hospitality in The Altmültal.

Staying true to one place and a career for this long became a really rare quality today. And that´s exactly why it is so valuable. „We produce the finest sausage and meat specialities in our own in-house butchery“, says Franz Walthierer. „We are proud and grateful to work with our own recipes of over 500 years of traditon.“ In the Romantik Hotel, our restaurant and our butcher shop, we are equally enthusiastic about the love of history and the open-mindedness for new things.

Franz Walthierer recommends the Speciality of the House. „Our dark smoked sausages! Of course are they from our own Butchery; They are made by my son in law Ulli and me with our dedication and ability of our crafts. But this delicacy rounds off our homemade sauerkraut - aromatic flavored with bay leaves, juniper berries, caraway seeds and spices. In addition fresh farm bread and freshly tapped Augustiner Beer... what could be nicer? "