Cycling in Beilngries

The enthusiasm for cycling is easy in Beilngries: a well-signposted, 250-kilometer cycle path network spans the city.


Mountain bikers are in Beilngries well off the beaten track.

Beilngries is located in the middle of the region of the Altmühl Valley Nature Park.

Here you will find all further information about "CYCLING" around Beilngries.

Hiking in Beilngries

The most important links for hiking in Beilngrieß:


Hiking in Naturepark Altmühltal


Long distance hiking trail:

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Climbing in Beilngries

Here you will find the best addresses for climbing in Beilngries and the Altmühltal.


Forest high ropes course in Beilngries

Bouldering in the brewery



Altmühlgolf Beilngries




A selection of the most famous museums in the Beilngries area.


Toy museum

Toy museum in Beilngries

Technology museum

Technology Museum on Kratzmühlsee

Natural history museums

Dinosaur Park Altmühltal in Denkendorf

Jura Museum in Eichstätt

Crystal Museum in Riedenburg

Museums of contemporary history

Roman and Bavarian Museum in Kipfenberg

Celtic and Roman Museum in Manching

Army Museum in Ingolstadt

Automobile museums

Mobile Museum of Audi AG in Ingolstadt

Maybach Museum in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz